Who Did You Think You Were ?


Roy R. Harris

Born July 28, 1927

Mineral Wells, Texas

Mother: Bertha Fay Harris

Father: John Roy Harris




I have thought about writing something that might be called an autobiography for some time now. The reasons for not doing it were plentiful, i.e., nobody would be interested, it would be hard work, a waste of precious time, etc. But something kept bothering me. Perhaps someday some one or more of the family would be interested in their roots and would glean some pleasure or some useful information from such an endeavor. Most importantly though, was the strong feeling that family values are hard to maintain in this mobile and busy age.


Every human has a need to belong to something...a family, school, job, company, church, or organization. In the past, this need was usually satisfied by family first. People tended to stay in one place and families were strong, ever-present, and generally supporting of each other. My generation began to have an effect on this after World War II by our mobility and for reasons of economic necessity. If we did not grow up in a city, we pretty much had to go to the city to prosper. There were few economic opportunities in the smaller towns.


We moved around, but we still had the company, the church, or the organization but less family loyalty and contact. In other words, we were replacing our heritage and losing our historical perspective as to who we were and who and what influences lie in our background.


So, I'm writing this for those who came after, so you'll know from whence you came. If I don't do it, it will be lost forever.

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