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Olliver Wilson Harris


I.   Olliver Wilson Harris (Ollie)

Born: January 25, 1888 in Mineral Wells, Texas

Died: December 1, 1976 in Yuba City, California

Married: May 11, 1911

Eula Mae House

Born: May 22, 1896 in Georgia

Died: January 20, 1980 in Yuba City, California


Ollie was a struggling farmer in Oklahoma in the early 1920’s when his uncles Fabe and Rad Brooks and a lifelong friend, Lester Stubblefield encouraged Ollie and Eula Mae to join them in California.


Fabe and Rad Brooks were brothers of Patience Ann Brooks Harris. Lester came from Mineral Wells. So, in 1923 Ollie sold his horses, wagon and other items and purchased a Model T Ford. The car salesman drove Ollie out of town to show him how to handle the car, and Ollie drove it back to town a fully accomplished driver!


Eula Mae, Glen, Jack and Mahauta and all their belongings were loaded and the family set off to join the uncles and friend in Blyth, California, in the Model T.


After spending some six months in Blythe, Ollie and Lester decided to move to Northern California to farm cotton in Palermo, about 20 miles northeast of Yuba City, near Oroville. After about two years they decided the area was too far north for cotton and they could make a better living working for someone else. Ollie worked on various ranches for the next few years. Times were not easy, but there were always jobs for those who wanted to work.


Ollie and Eula Mae became homesick for the family and thought of resettling in Texas near the rest of the family, so they went back to Texas, had a good visit and worked for several months. But, they felt they would be better off in California, so they returned and Ollie went to work on a ranch near Porterville. By this time, Glen was old enough to work and help out. In the late twenties Ollie was offered work by the San Diego Fruit and Produce Company at Lompoc, near Santa Barbara. The wages and the housing were good and the country was beautiful.


The Depression was getting worse and that job was a godsend for Ollie and Eula Mae. After about fifteen years the company sold the farm lands, keeping only the wholesale distribution of fruit and vegetable portion of the business, so once again the family moved – this time to Yuba City where Ollie worked for five or six years on a peach ranch.


In 1951 Ollie was offered a position at the Zaca Lake Resort near Santa Barbara where he and Eula Mae worked for the next fifteen years until retirement. They both loved that beautiful place. As they neared retirement they built a home in the Santa Inez Valley where they lived for about ten years. Roy and Dessie visited them at this home.


During this period of time, Ollie suffered a heart attack from which he recovered and a slight stroke from which he never fully recovered. In 1971, they sold their home in the Valley and moved to Yuba City where Jack and Mauahta were living. They purchased a home next door to Jack. Ollie lived seven more years to age eighty-six. Eula Mae lived for nine more years to age eighty-three.



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