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The Harris Family



The impetus to compile and publish this book came from my wife, Dalyce, whose large but considerably smaller (as I found out) family had accomplished a similar project some years ago in connection with one of their regular, usually biennial reunions.


After her first trip to Texas with me, where she met Aunts Betty, Jude, Lucille, Oaxie, Viola and Opal, and a number of cousins, she concluded that this family was unique, and convinced me that it should be chronicled in book form before it was too late. During a trip to Mineral Wells in May of 1989, I began the process of collecting photographs, names, addresses and as much information as I could about our family. I thought the project could be finished without too much strain in nine to twelve months. Well, sixteen months, and after untold hours reproducing old and new photographs, contacting family members for information, a second trip to Texas in 1990 to collect additional information, writing, etc., etc., the book is almost ready for publication. Or at least, I’ve gone as far as I can go.


Recorded on these pages are the names of approximately 370 individuals including spouses and adoptions who are a part of this extended Harris family and whose lives were made possible or whose lives were affected by the union of John Winslow and Patience Ann. Quite an accomplishment! About 88% are still living and are living from Texas to Louisiana, California, Washington and a scattering of other states. The preponderance lives in Texas and the family is still growing.


Please accept my advance apology for misspelled names, incorrect dates, and omissions. I will leave it to those interested family members to make their own corrections and to keep their own histories and records complete and up to date.


I am very appreciative to those who cooperated by answering my inquiries, provided pictures and other information. At risk of leaving out names that should be mentioned, special thanks must go to Gwen Harris, Susie Chestnut, Mahauta Haraughty, and Helen Browning and Opal Klinger for special help.


I wish to distribute this book as widely as possible, but am limited by the number of addresses in my possession, so please, any family member, feel free to request additional copies – and visit this part of the family when visiting the majestic Pacific Northwest.



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