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Welcome to the Harris Tree. One of my goals in building this website is to present the current state of my exploration of the Harris family history and tree.



My mother did some family tree work, keeping most of her notes on 3X5 cards. Dallas Scott, a first cousin, got lots of information that he recorded by hand on family group sheets. My sister, Patricia, used a lot of Dallas' research and my mom's notes to try to get information about causes of death and illness that ran in the family lines.


According to a number of sources, genealogy is the number one hobby in North America and the fastest growing as well.Ray Haney Painting



As I mentioned before, my Dad's work, called "The Harris Family" was completed in 1990. A whole lot of people in the family contributed pictures, information and family stories. I have added some updated information on Deaths in the family that have occurred since 1990—and there have been a lot of those in the 25 years that have passed. I also added some information to his section called "Early History". My additions should be obvious—they are bolded, italicized or boxed to separate them a bit from Dad's text. If you are interested about the picture of the "Square Dancers", above, it is a painting done by Ray Haney, who was raised by Dessie Morris Harris. I saw it often, as a kid, at Roy and Dessie's house when I was there. The story I always heard about the picture was that originally, Ray painted the dancers without any clothes! Dessie made Ray go back and paint clothes on them.








Roy Ray

about 1937

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